Jazz 3 day internet package offering 1GB of high-speed internet data, this package is perfect for those seeking a short-term boost in connectivity. This guide provides details on activation, pricing, and usage restrictions for this exceptional offer. When you find yourself with a tight budget but a strong desire to stay connected with your loved ones, the Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer comes to the rescue.

Jazz 3 day internet package offer is tailored for those who need an affordable way to keep in touch with family, friends, and relatives while on the go. With this package, you can enjoy seamless communication on WhatsApp and Facebook, send and receive messages on your favorite social platforms, and stay updated with your loved ones – all for a duration of three days. Don’t hesitate; grab Jazz 3 day internet package offer today and ensure you’re always just a message away from your dear ones.

  • Activation Code: Dial *631# to subscribe.
  • Price: Rs. 60 (inclusive of tax).
  • Data Allowance: Enjoy 1GB of internet data.
  • Validity: The package is valid for 3 days.
  • Usage Timing: 3 Days.


The Jazz 3 Day Extreme Internet Package’s 1GB data allowance can only be utilized between 3 days.

Checking Your Usage

Remaining MBs: To check your remaining data balance, dial *631*2#.

Jazz 3 Day Max Offer

Experience enhanced connectivity with the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer. Designed to keep you seamlessly connected, this package provides you with 1GB of data and 1000 Jazz minutes and 1000 SMS for the next three days. Dive into the details to learn how to activate this package and enjoy its benefits.

Package Details

Offer Name: 3 Day Max Offer

Data Allowance: 1 GB

Jazz Minutes: 1000

Validity: 3 Days

Activation Code: Dial *631#

Check Remaining Allowance: Dial *631*2#

Price: Rs 60

Understanding the key details of your package is essential for a smooth and transparent experience. Here, we present vital information about your offer, ensuring you stay informed about pricing, data usage, taxes, and more.

Inclusive Taxes:

The offer price includes all necessary taxes, so there are no additional charges.

Bundle Status Codes:

 Use bundle status codes to check your remaining data and validity for free bundles. These bundles do not automatically renew after they expire.

Network Compatibility:

This package is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, allowing you to access the internet with ease.

Variable Speed:

Internet speed can vary significantly based on factors like your device, visited websites, time of day, concurrent users, and proximity to a 2G/3G/4G hotspot.

Overage Charges:

The package is subject to an overage charge of Re. 1 per MB if you exceed the data limit.

Base Rate:

 If you are not subscribed to a bundle, a base rate of Rs. 3.59 per MB will be applied, with charging pulses of 512 KB.

Regional Variations:

In Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan, an additional 2.14 percent will be charged for goods and services. In FATA and PATA, prices will increase by 16.67 percent.

FED and Service Fees:

 In Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan, users are subject to a 17.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on recharges, along with a 5.11 percent service fee and operational fee.

Service Charges:

On recharges, service charges of 5.98 percent, along with an operational fee of 5.98 percent, are applied.

Reporting Unwanted Messages:

You can report unwanted or unethical messages by texting the sender’s phone number to 9000 through PTA.

Data Usage:

Opening or accessing applications and websites will consume a portion of your available data volume in MBs. Multiple simultaneous accesses may lead to charges at the base rate of your package.

Provider’s Right:

The service provider retains the right to modify the terms of the offer at any time without prior notice. Understanding these details of jazz 3 day internet packages is crucial for a seamless experience with your package. Stay informed and enjoy your mobile services with clarity and confidence.


The Jazz 3 Day internet package 1GB package offers a convenient and budget-friendly solution for those in need of short-term high-speed data. With 1GB of data and usage available during specific hours, this package provides excellent value. Activate it today by dialing *631# and enjoy an unmatched data experience with Jazz. Stay connected and productive, all with the reliability of Pakistan’s leading digital communications company.

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