Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Monthly

Telenor SMS packages to cater to the appetite of today’s text-hungry generation. In an era where lengthy calls have taken a back seat, quick and concise SMS exchanges have become the norm. Telenor’s SMS packages offer free messaging across all networks within Pakistan, ranging from Daily, 3-Day, 15-Day, to Monthly SMS bundles, accompanied by additional perks.

To ease the effort of searching through the company’s website for these scattered packages, we’ve compiled an assortment of Telenor’s Daily, 3-Day, and Monthly SMS Packages in one convenient place within this article.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Telenor SMS packages daily cater to individuals with limited free time during the week but a desire to connect with friends and family, particularly on Sundays. These packages offer both cost-effectiveness and a substantial allocation of SMS, making them an ideal choice for those seeking regular communication without overspending.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Daily SMS BundleRs. 4.78 incl. taxDial *345*116#240 SMS

Telenor Daily SMS Bundle offers 240 SMS valid for 24 hours at a price of PKR 4.78. To subscribe to this offer, dial *345*116#.

Telenor 3 Day SMS Package

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Telenor 3/3 OfferRs. 50 incl. taxDial *345*243#300 SMS, 600 on-net minutes, 50 MBs of internet
3 Day Sahulat OfferRs. 52 incl. taxDial *53#250 SMS, 250 on-net minutes, 25 off-net minutes, 50 MB + 100 MB social pack

If a single-day SMS package isn’t enough for your conversation needs, Telenor offers 3-day packages that come with enticing benefits at reduced prices. These packages are designed to provide you convenience throughout three days of the week.

The Telenor 3/3 Offer includes 300 SMS, 50 MBs of internet, and 600 on-net minutes for 3 days at PKR 54.89. To subscribe, dial *345*243#. Meanwhile, the 3 Day Sahulat Offer offers 250 SMS, 250 on-net minutes, 50MBs for general internet use, along with 100MB specifically for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook, and 25 off-net minutes at PKR 52. To avail, dial *53#.

Telenor 5 Day SMS Package

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
5 Day SMS BundleRs. 9.5 incl. taxDial *345*015#300 SMS

The 5 Day SMS Bundle from Telenor offers 300 SMS at a price of Rs. 9.5, inclusive of taxes. To subscribe, dial *345*015#.

Telenor 15 Day SMS Packages

I find the 15-day packages quite convenient. They save you from the worry of wasting unused free SMS because of a lack of time. A solid 15 days offers ample time to stay in touch with your dear ones whenever it suits you.

I’ve listed the 15 Days SMS package below, packed with additional incentives to make your communication smooth for a fortnight.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
15 Day Economy SMS BundleRs 17 incl. taxDial *345*112#800 SMS

The 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle by Telenor delivers 800 SMS within a 24-hour period. Priced at PKR 17, you can subscribe to this offer by dialing *345*112#.

Telenor SMS Packages Monthly

Telenor SMS Packages Monthly are a breath of fresh air for a full month, saving you the hassle of constantly worrying about running out of SMS or package expiration. It’s a one-time setup for a whole month, providing immense relief.

Listed below are the Telenor SMS packages monthly with additional perks. Telenor customers have the freedom to select the package that suits their needs, ensuring a stress-free month of communication.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetails
Monthly SMS BundleRs. 60Dial *345*363#10,000 SMS + 1 GB WhatsApp
Monthly Easy Card 550Rs. 478Dial *350#500 SMS, 3 GB internet, 750 on-net minutes, 75 off-net minutes
Monthly Easy Card 700Rs. 565 incl. taxDial *530#3,000 SMS, 8GB+8GB (1am-11am), 3,000 on-net minutes, 250 off-net minutes
Monthly Easy Card 850Rs. 720Dial *80#5,000 SMS, 12GB+12GB (1am-11am), 5,000 on-net minutes and PTCL, 400 off-net minutes
Monthly Social Pack plusRs. 85 incl. taxDial *660#10,000 SMS, 6,000 MB for Facebook & WhatsApp

Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

Telenor SMS packages postpaid extend beyond the typical daily, and monthly options. They provide various bundles tailored to suit different customer needs, aiming to offer convenience and value. Take a peek at these packages; you might find one that perfectly aligns with your preferences and budget.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetails
SMS Bundle 1Rs. 50Dial 345761#300 SMS/month
SMS Bundle 2Rs. 100Dial 345762#700 SMS/month
SMS Bundle 3Rs. 305 incl. taxDial *345*763#7000 SMS/month
Hybrid Add-on Bundle 600Rs. 825Dial *345*823#2000 SMS, 2000 on-net minutes, 4000 MB internet, and 300 off-net minutes/month
Freedom 1500Rs. 2320 incl. taxVia ‘My Telenor App’Unlimited on-net mins, 1200 off-net mins, 71 GB internet, 15000 SMS
Freedom 1000Rs. 1580Via ‘My Telenor App’Unlimited on-net, off-net 700, internet 40 GB, SMS 15000
Freedom 600Rs. 1060 incl. taxVia ‘My Telenor App’7000 on-net mins, 350 off-net mins, 12000 MBs of internet, SMS 2000
Freedom 825Rs. 825 incl. taxVia ‘My Telenor App’5000 on-net mins, off-net 450 mins, internet 20 GB, SMS 5000
Freedom 420Rs. 420 incl. taxVia ‘My Telenor App’3000 on-net mins, off-net 150 mins, 6 GBs of internet, SMS 3000
Freedom 350Rs. 850Via ‘My Telenor App’2500 on-net mins, 200 off-net mins, 4 GB internet, SMS 1000
Freedom 300Rs. 545 incl. taxVia ‘My Telenor App’1000 on-net mins,150 off-net mins, 1000 SMS, and 2000 MB + 1000 MBs for FB & WhatsApp

Terms & Conditions

  • To inquire about your remaining Free SMS Balance post-subscription, dial *111# (with a charge of Rs. 0.24).
  • These Free SMS can be utilized across all networks within the country.
  • It’s important to note that this offer has a limited-time validity.
  • Telenor retains the right to modify package details and charges at their discretion, with the ability to withdraw any call package or alter the offer mechanics without prior notice. Additionally, all mentioned SMS packages encompass tax within their pricing.

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