Onic SIM Card in Pakistan

Lately, Pakistan’s mobile network sector has seen the entry of a fresh contender, ONIC Sim. This newcomer pledges to transform the digital scene with its high-speed internet offerings. Marketed as the country’s first digital network, ONIC digital network has attracted considerable interest via robust online campaigns and advertising. Captivated by the prospect of lightning-fast internet, I ventured into the ONIC experience by opting for three distinct packages: Limit Less, Epic Data, and Big Data, valued at 1990 PKR, 1290 PKR, and 890 PKR respectively.

Collaboration with Ufone

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ufone have released individual statements confirming that ‘Onic’ is a digital brand owned and officially registered by Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd (Ufone). Upon deeper exploration, it was evident that ONIC operates through an established mobile network, Ufone, for its service delivery. We conducted a thorough check on the PTA official website to investigate any recent sales of a 4G spectrum license to any entity, but our search yielded no results. Even in the complaint/suggestion section, our efforts to locate this new ONIC Sim proved fruitless. While ONIC’s marketing efforts have generated considerable buzz, its dependency on Ufone raises doubts regarding ONIC’s assertions of being an autonomous digital network.

Onic SIM Launch Date in Pakistan

ONIC digital network Sim launched in Pakistan on August 14th, 2023.

Onic Call and SMS Services Review

Reviewing ONIC’s call and SMS services, they perform satisfactorily in fundamental functionality. There were no apparent concerns encountered when making calls or sending text messages, indicating a commendable level of stability in this particular facet of their service.

Internet Services Review

Yet, the true assessment of ONIC hinges on its internet services, and unfortunately, this is where the encounter soured. Despite the assurances of high-speed internet, the actual performance was a stark contrast to the marketing claims. Consistently, the internet speed fell significantly below the promoted standards, with the majority of users encountering download speeds of less than 1 Mbps. Here’s an additional speed test outcome reflecting the ONIC sim’s performance.

Play Store Rating of the Onic App

An exploration of the ONIC app on the Play Store revealed the depth of the concern. The app’s overall rating of 2.4 starkly indicates user dissatisfaction. A large portion of reviews voiced frustration, predominantly highlighting the issue of exceedingly slow internet speeds. The abundance of 1-star reviews significantly outweighed positive feedback, portraying a troubling portrayal of ONIC’s service caliber.

Internet Packages Review

The ONIC network packages offer a diverse range to cater to varied user needs. ‘Limit Less,’ ‘Epic Data,’ and ‘Big Data’ each present distinct options tailored for different usage requirements. These packages boast competitive pricing and aim to provide ample data and service features, catering to a spectrum of user preferences.

Promo Codes Onic SIM

Utilizing the promo code “REF69TV5S0M8V” to obtain a 20% discount across the trio of ONIC network’s – Limit Less, Epic Data, and Big Data – introduces an intriguing aspect to the overall user experience. This discount not only influences the initial package costs but also impacts the perceived value proposition.

After applying the promo code, the revised prices for the packages would be as follows:

  • Limit Less (1990 PKR) with 20% discount: 1592 PKR
  • Epic Data (1290 PKR) with 20% discount: 1032 PKR
  • Big Data (890 PKR) with 20% discount: 712 PKR

Although the discount alleviates the upfront expenses, it doesn’t address the core issue of underwhelming internet speeds, a prevalent concern across all three packages. While the reduced prices may enhance accessibility for a broader audience, potential customers should remain mindful of the expected service quality.

The promo code serves as a bright spot for consumers, enabling them to trial the services at a reduced cost. However, ONIC’s resolution of the persistent internet speed issue is crucial for ensuring enduring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In summarizing the ONIC sim experience, initial promise gave way to disappointing realities. The reliance on Ufone’s infrastructure, combined with consistently underwhelming internet speeds, undermines ONIC’s position as Pakistan’s premier digital network.

The plethora of 1-star reviews on the Play Store mirrors widespread dissatisfaction among users. Despite ONIC’s marketing efforts, rectifying the core issue of internet speed is imperative for restoring trust among its customer base.

Consumers must vigilantly assess claims made by new market entrants against actual user experiences. For ONIC, the pledge of high-speed internet remains unfulfilled, leaving customers awaiting the promised digital revolution.

Can we find ONIC SIM cards in Pakistan?

ONIC offers unlimited all-network minutes and substantial data packages. Get your free SIM or eSIM today. Place your order at: https://onic.pk/

How can we contact Onic?

Engage in Live Chat:

Effortless Conversations, Swift Solutions!

Access via the Onic app or web chat service

Available daily from 8AM to 12AM (Mon-Sun)

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